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Discover Busch Gardens® the extraordinary 335-acre adventure park! It brings together an unrivalled combination of incredible rides and amazing animals. Come and experience a new breed of speed only at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Don’t miss Cheetah HuntSM and the Cheetah Run, now open.



Cheetah HuntSM and the Cheetah Run

Come and experience a new breed of speed only at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. This new mega-attraction begins on the Cheetah Run. Here at this crossroads of cultures, you’ll learn firsthand why the cheetah has been celebrated for centuries. This ancient realm puts you just a whisker away from the world’s fastest land animals. Look into their eyes. See them run. It’s a new point of view guaranteed to get your heart racing.

Next, take a seat on Cheetah HuntSM and experience the unmatched speed and agility of the cheetah for yourself. This one-of-a-kind launch coaster climbs high above the African landscape and then races down along the ground. With another burst of acceleration, you leap over awestruck bystanders and twist through a rocky gorge. Hang on as one more rush of speed rockets you home. It’s a 4429′ sprint that will take your breath away.

Cheetah HuntSM and the Cheetah Run. Now open, only at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

White Tiger at Busch Gardens, this is a must for any animal lover!

Jungala gives you the chance to come face-to-face with some of the world’s most endangered animals, Bengal tigers and orangutans, plus two signature rides and more. The family climbing area, Tree Top Trails gives you the chance to observe the different layers of life within Jungala. Watch orangutans at rest or play from the tree top platforms then see Bengal tigers swimming in their plunge pools on the ground below. To add to the excitement, there’s Jungle Flyers a zip line experience, for the young adventurers, and The Wild Surge which will shoot you high above a towering waterfall. There’s nothing tame about it!

It’s an experience unlike anything else in the world. North America’s first dive coaster takes you 200 feet up, then hurtles you 90 degrees straight down at speeds of up to 70 mph. There’s nothing above you but air and nothing below you but earth. Feel the rush on floorless SheiKra!

Experience one of the tallest and longest inverted coasters in the world, featuring loops, drops and speeds over 60 mph, all with your feet dangling freely below you!

Myombe Reserve®
Explore the home of majestic western lowland gorillas and playful chimpanzees in this lush rain forest habitat.

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This is probably my favourite Theme Park.

The all day dining plan can be good if you use it to your advantage.

Its a bit of a drive from Orlando but well worth it!

I would consider buying the Quick Queue if you can!

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